CALCULUS gives you all the information you need to run your business profitably. Analyze your sales and purchase, both product and party-wise. Identify, in the process, who your best business partners are. Study your finances to the minutest detail. Scrutinize your cost and profit centers, and come to grips with your cash and fund flows. Track your trading and non-trading accounts bill-wise. Handle concepts such as on-accounts and advance payments and receipts.

Generate comprehensive outstanding reports and reminders using your aging definition, manage PDCs easily and effectively. We provide our customers with customized versions of the software, which is totally adaptive to their needs. Trained experts from our organization ensure that each and every feature of this software is used by our clients for their total and complete business advantage.

Simple Task oriented screens and user-friendly menus guide operators through the system. In addition, system prompts enhance user flexibility, providing greater control and therefore less potential for error. CALCULUS is equipped with standard reports built-in the system.

Grow Your Business!