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The longer stock sits on the shelf, the more it costs.”

“The less time customers spend at the checkout or looking for products, the more satisfied they are.”

“The faster you get access to full and timely sales and customer information, the more responsive and better your decision making.”

RetailPOS+, Point of Sale module manages and processes all cash and debtor sales and features strong security to control error corrects, voids, refunds, and cash outs. Advanced search modes for items and customers complete the coalface efficiency of Infinity.

RetailPOS+ Retail Management System seamlessly integrates head office, in-store back-office and point of sale.

The head office central module is where all data are collected. The module can receive merchandising information from external sources or used to establish inventory and customers, and will automatically replicate this data to all stores. Sales information from stores is then replicated into head office and made available for reporting.

Retail Management through RetailPOS+

   1. Manages Cash / Credit Transactions at Cash Point

   2. Maintains loyalty customers with ease and efficiency

   3. In-built features to support hold/recall, refund, void, cancellation functionality with better control

   4. Multi-Users / Shifts and Multi-level Security.

   5. Handles Multi -currency / Credit Cards and Multi-part payment methods!

   6. Reconciliation using Denomination updates..

   7. User defined transactions

   8. Easily adaptable..


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