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VIBS-ERP (Visual Integrated Business System) ,An Enterprise Resource Planning System, developed through careful study and analysis of the individual needs of business segments in the Middle East market.

The authors of VIBS-ERP have been able to provide a great deal of flexibility where other products have failed. The result is a product design that enhances rather than merely upholds the business standards existing today!

Get Straight down to Business!

VIBS-ERP is engineered to cater the needs of business segments viz. Trading & Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, Automobiles, School Management and Hospitality Systems. The system includes fully integrated, on-line modules for General Ledger, Debtors, Creditors, Asset Management, Inventory, Service Management, Production, Order processing, Costing, Human Resource Management, Payroll and up to date financial flash reports

Simple Task oriented screens and user-friendly menus guide operators through the system easily and efficiently. In addition, system prompts enhance user flexibility, providing greater control and therefore less potential for error.

VIBS-ERP recognizing the busy and sophisticated business environment, has taken advantage of the Multiple Document Interface function provided by Windows, allowing many tasks to be suspended in order to perform another isolated task and once completed, user can return to the original task without any interruption

    Multi User



    Multi-Level Security- Perfect for Growing Business

The system is ideal for organizations in which there are several requirements for financials pieces of data for analysis and review. It is designed to fully integrate with various business functions to provide a total management tool that can be adapted easily to individual business needs. Through its modular design, VIBS-ERP can be incorporated into business in stages according to the growth and requirements of the organizations.

Taking Business To Top!

No business system is going to be of much use to you if it’s not going to be with you all the way.

VIBS-ERP is written in a modern Object Oriented, fourth generation language that leverages the power of Windows, UNIX and LINUX making it adaptable and portable across a range of the world’s most popular operating systems and therefore applicable to use on virtually any hardware. The natural advantage of this is, as your business grows and you change and adapt your hardware to suit, your business system can still stay with you…

VIBS-ERP , quite simply, has been designed to take your business to the top-from a single user environment to a wide area network with many users!!!

VIBS-ERP – Modules & Segments!


  VIBS Financials

  VIBS Inventory Management

  VIBS Human Resource Management

  VIBS Warehouse Management

  VIBS Asset Management

  VIBS Workshop Management

  VIBS Parts Management

  VIBS Manufacturing

  VIBS Front Office Management

  VIBS Restaurant Management

  VIBS Retail Management

  VIBS Retail Management


  General Trading, Distribution & Retail

  Super Markets / Hypermarkets

  Department Stores

  Pharmacies and Pharmaceuticals

  Fashion Retail



  School Management

  Turnkey Projects for Free Zones

  Chamber of Commerce and other Govt. Departments

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