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GENSYS TECHNOLOGIES is a highly diversified Information Technology Services organization with the experience and passion to apply innovative technologies to your vertical market applications. Our domain expertise is at the forefront of today’s leading technologies:

Gensys Technologies services customers throughout the Middle East, African region and India. Our customer base represents a broad array of markets and industries, including Retail Management, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, School Management, Governments and more.

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Integration Services

Data Analytics

Enterprise Mobility

From concept to product, Gensys Technologies works with you every step of the way: product requirements, specification, design, prototyping, testing, field trial, value engineering and commissioning. Gensys Technologies is one of the leading software solution providers in the Middle East. Our software and expertise unify and simplify complex business environments in a secure way across the enterprise for greater business results. We call this Enterprise Resource Management - our clear vision for the future of IT. It's how you can manage systems, transactions and policies securely and dynamically. You can build on your IT investments, rather than replacing them, and do so at your

Our developers create and deliver IT solutions that keep our vision real. And we've taken our decades of experience solving complicated IT related issues and developed practical paths for you to get from where you are today to where you want to be.

Founded in 2003, Gensys Technologies today has its presence in the Middle East, Africa and India with a multinational workforce of 54 developers and about 200+ middle and corporate clients. We serve corporate bodies, as well as government entities and hundreds of other companies in diverse industries in the region. We are driving our next level of growth through our four-part strategy of product development, leveraging partners, global expansion and strategic acquisitions — all with the goal of helping our customers realize the full power of IT to drive their business..

Gensys Technologies is a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner that develops and maintain long-term relationships with its clients and guides them through processes that define the most effective solutions to meet their needs. Whether projects are completed solely at our clients' sites or by utilizing our in-house facilities, our clients benefit from the company's pricing structures. Our project models, including time and materials, turn-key operations, dedicated staffing plans, joint ventures, and structured R&D; ensure that we can comply with any business scenario.
Gensys Technologies, vision of excellence always starts with our engineers, chosen from the top tier of select science and technology institutions. Our engineers are trained to equal commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and technical innovation. At Gensys Technologies, engineers readily accept the dual responsibilities of utilizing today's technologies to develop effective and timely solutions, while keeping abreast of tomorrow's advancing technologies.

  Everlasting, satisfying and beneficial customer relationship;

  Transparency and fairness in investor relationships;

  Professionalism, competency, and entrepreneurial skills in employees;

  Professional, fair, and ethical business practices;

  Concern, commitment, and positive action for the well being of environment and society;

Gensys Technologies strives to provide service to its customers with emphasis on continuous improvement, pro-active approach, courtesy, timely response, and accuracy, with a goal of achieving total customer satisfaction.

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